WCTE's 2018 Anniversary Campaign

WCTE's Anniversary Campaign goal is to raise a $1 million dollars that will be used to fund an endowment. Your gift of $22 a month for 60 months (or a one time contribution of $1320) will make you an investor in one of the most important educational tools ever created!

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Why should you support this campaign?


A fully funded endowment will provide permanent funding to ensure that all people have access to quality educational programming, hands-on learning tools, community and outreach engagement initiatives and a host of other enriching and entertaining programs.  WCTE’s endowment will sustain our educational mission of growing lifelong learners, thus improving our workforce in a way that will change the landscape of our community.  WCTE, through PBS, takes seriously the important work of educating our viewers, and the endowment will ensure that WCTE’s work continues in perpetuity.


Below are the various ways you can support  WCTE's endowment. 

Give to our 40 for 22 campaign!
Give to our Endowment! 40 for 22 Progress Thermometer