"Clay Horse"

Nancy Jacobsohn

2009 Featured Art

Nancy Jacobsohn's "Clay Horse" is our featured artwork for June 2009.

I was born in the beautiful Finger Lakes region in upstate New York and spent most of my youth in Syracuse, N.Y. I graduated from college in Pasadena, CA and worked as a high school art teacher in California, Massachusetts and Georgia. In 1980, I came to Tennessee and I have never considered moving anywhere else. It is home.
My medium of choice was originally painting and drawing but when I went to Massachusetts, I discovered I had six classes of pottery to teach. It was an intense learning curve and I loved the sculptural possibilities of clay. A person could spend a lifetime exploring those possibilities and never run out of ideas.
Being an artist is a unique way of looking at the world. You approach your surroundings with a different view point. An artist sees nearly everything as subject matter. I have worked with clay in excess of 30 years but frankly, if I didn’t have clay, I would use something else. The urge to create is all-consuming.
I use horses to represent multiple ideas in my artwork. They are incredible animals (two of them own me). Women and horses seem to form a special bond so I use horses to represent women in general and myself specifically. As women, I think we want to borrow that combination of beauty and strength for ourselves.
The sculpture that WCTE is featuring is stylized and represents the spirit of the horse expressed through elegant lines and shape. It is about my love of the possibilities of sculpted clay as much as it is about the horse.
On June 5th, my show opens at the Maddux Gallery (upstairs in the old Maddux hardware building) in Cookeville. A wide range of techniques and subjects will be featured, from bas relief to masks to animal sculptures. Come join me for a conversation about my wonderful horses and the sculptures they help to inspire.

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