"Reaching Out"

Arlene Dubo


Arlene Dubo's "Reaching Out" is our featured artwork for February 2009.

Arlene was inspired to paint “Reaching Out” after taking a trip deep in the Cumberland woods. This piece is a view from the woods looking straight up into the blue sky, an image Arlene has always wanted to paint. “It brings back memories of playing in the woods as a child in Ontario,” said Arlene. Beautiful blue skies have been a big part of her experience here in Cookeville, and she is thankful for every clear, blue sky day we have. Her love for beautiful blue skies is conveyed through this painting as the beautiful, bright blue sky pops againt the dark tree branches. “Looking at the branches against the sky reminds me of the twisting turning roads of the Upper Cumberland; it’s almost like looking at a road map of Tennessee,” said Arlene. She thinks that the title, “Reaching Out,” was an obvious choice for this painting because it seems as if the branches are reaching out toward the light. “That’s what I always do when I’m outside, I reach for the light, and that’s what WCTE does for the Upper Cumberland. WCTE reaches out bringing all of us light!” 
Thank you, Arlene, for a beautiful painting, and for being such a faithful supporter of WCTE!

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