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170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting

Protect What is Ours

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a meeting in Washington, DC with other PBS Managers and leaders on the national level, such as PBS President, Paula Kerger and CPB President, Patricia Harrison.

As you may have heard, it has been suggested that future funding for public broadcasting be zeroed out… that includes PBS and NPR. It also includes technical support funding such as the PTFP (Public Television Facilities Program) and RUS (Rural Utilities Service).

Jury Duty

I finished my first tour of jury duty here in Putnam County. I was amazed at the process of justice and the labor intensive measures of calling citizens to serve in this capacity, and the numbers of people needed to fill the many courts.

Marcia Borys, County Court Clerk, does a tremendous job in organizing this endeavor and she keeps it as efficient as possible… having multiple means of communication and making jurors feel appreciated. I served in Judge Leon Burns court and he showed incredible patience in explaining our roles as jurors.

Blues and Brews!

I am so looking forward to this year’s Blues and Brews event, coming up in just a few weeks…October 1 to be exact. The evening will feature great music, fantastic food and a wide range of ice cold beverages. It’s totally the right way to jump start Fall and will be featured in a beautiful new location, the Cookeville Golf Club.

Stations of Imagination

Stations of Imagination is WCTE’s signature family event and is a feature of Cookeville’s Fall FunFest to be held this year on September 10 and 11th. However, this event reaches far before that date and after.

I remember that day, over 16 years ago, when the news came of a tragic event. Brian and Rena Johnston, a young couple from Cookeville, lost their precious son, Sawyer when he was just a toddler. Loving and generous people, Brian and Rena thought of other children even during this time of intense grief and wanted to give back to families in our area, a free event that would bring a day of joy and fellowship based on programs that Sawyer loved, Sesame Street included. As memorial gifts came to WCTE to remember this young child in a way that others would benefit, I was overwhelmed with gratitude at knowing people who loved and valued children that much. What a fitting tribute to the memory of their child and to all children, Stations of Imagination is.


I picked up jogging this past spring and it has brought great strength to my body, mind and spirit. I’m slow but steady in this pursuit of better health and less stress. Our own PBS President, Paula Kerger, has been a great inspiration to me as a successful triathelete. I catch her tweets about training, which encourages me to keep going even when I think I’m too busy or too tired. She’s working daily to be stronger, healthier and better personally which resonates professionally.


Flying in to Nashville from a recent business trip, I look down in the midst of a golden sunset on billowy clouds to see my home. I don’t know that I’ve ever looked at it like that…my home of Tennessee. The lush greenness so evident, even this far away. The snaking rivers, the land…so much land. I’ve made this flight many times before and yet it seems that I’m seeing it for the first time.


Obviously, I haven’t updated my blog site in a very long time and after an honest observation (thanks Noley), I think it’s time to do something about that. My blogs, like my thoughts, will run a gambit of subjects and temperaments, but will hopefully be of interest.

Donna Castle, Friend & Co-Worker...

"We will miss her more than we can even imagine..."

I have very sad news to report.
Donna Castle passed away early this morning, around 1am, after a long battle with ovarian cancer. She was our Director of Programming and Promotions and an incredible producer of many local series, but truly more than that she was our rock that we leaned on many, many times.
Even from the hospital, she watched our tv auction last week and called my cell phone regularly with advice on how to speed it up or to write the bids darker. This week, she mentioned that she wanted her boys to bring her a lap top so she could start working on the monthly programming schedule.

DTV Converter Box Coupons

Over a million people have called or written in for their Digital Television (DTV) converter box coupon from the federal government. The DTV transition is only 12 months away and you can ask for your coupon from the Department of Commerce now. These coupons are good for two per household and are valued at $40 each.  Your converter box should cost around $60 per box and it is a one time fee.  You will still be able to receive TV over the air free with your current tv and antenna using a DTV converter box. Please call us at WCTE if you have any questions about this.

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