Donna Castle, Friend & Co-Worker...

"We will miss her more than we can even imagine..."

I have very sad news to report.
Donna Castle passed away early this morning, around 1am, after a long battle with ovarian cancer. She was our Director of Programming and Promotions and an incredible producer of many local series, but truly more than that she was our rock that we leaned on many, many times.
Even from the hospital, she watched our tv auction last week and called my cell phone regularly with advice on how to speed it up or to write the bids darker. This week, she mentioned that she wanted her boys to bring her a lap top so she could start working on the monthly programming schedule.

We will miss her more than we can even imagine, as will our entire PBS family. Donna is survived by her husband, Richard Castle (former WCTE GM) and three sons, Russ, Art and Roger. She has been at WCTE since it's inception in 1978 and my friend since the day I met her. It is a loss of great magnitude.

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