I picked up jogging this past spring and it has brought great strength to my body, mind and spirit. I’m slow but steady in this pursuit of better health and less stress. Our own PBS President, Paula Kerger, has been a great inspiration to me as a successful triathelete. I catch her tweets about training, which encourages me to keep going even when I think I’m too busy or too tired. She’s working daily to be stronger, healthier and better personally which resonates professionally.

Truth be known, I would never have tried this without Jennifer LeFevre. She found a ”Couch Potato to a 5k in 9 weeks” program on the internet, downloaded it on her Ipod and started. Weeks later, after watching her dedication and determination, I wanted in on the game. I had never even attempted running except in playing softball and yet within 9 weeks I was able to jog 30 minutes without stopping. Jennifer and I have since finished three races (5-8k). We didn’t win, but in my book staying in is a win. about you? Google Robert Ulrey’s Couch Potato to a 5k in Nine Week program and get started. Thanks Jennifer and Paula for keeping me running.


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