Obviously, I haven’t updated my blog site in a very long time and after an honest observation (thanks Noley), I think it’s time to do something about that. My blogs, like my thoughts, will run a gambit of subjects and temperaments, but will hopefully be of interest.

Here’s my thought for the day. Regardless of your political persuasion, I am urging you to utilize your right to vote. This is something that I have never taken lightly and have never missed an election. In fact, I often vote early to reduce the chances of something taking me away from the voting booth on election day.

In one presidential election many years ago I worked to call voters to remind them when early voting started and to offer a ride to the polls regardless of their political affiliation. I was shocked when a woman mentioned to me that “she let her husband handle that for the family”. I mentioned that she also had the right to vote and she again said that she just decided to let him vote instead. The woman of 1920 who suffered for that right to vote would not understand that sentiment I feel certain.

I am reminded of their sacrifice thanks to an email from my aunt, Ruth Phipps, who as far as I know has never missed a chance to exercise that right. Her email reminded me of the individual women who went down in history for marching on Washington for the right to vote and the suffering they shared in doing so.

HBO released a movie recently called “Iron Jawed Women” available on DVD. I intend to watch it. I hope you will as well to remember just what an opportunity it is to live in a democratic nation. We owe so much to those who live daily to serve our county in the military, in public office and service, but we also owe a great deal to those who came before us in fighting for our individual rights.

Don’t take it for granted. Take part in the democratic process of our great country. Exercise your right to vote. Don’t leave that to anyone else. VOTE!

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