High School's Over - What Next? Helpful Resources for Students & Parents in Tennessee

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Navigating the waters of higher learning can be tricky for TN students
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WCTE Get Ready To Learn radio host Cindy Putman recently sat down with WCTE American Graduate project manager Lee Wray to discuss all the wonderful opportunities for students and families in the Upper Cumberland to support and continue their children's academic futures. 

As we all know, it's never too early to begin planning for and with your child about what he or she might want to do after high school or GED graduation. 

Many families are so busy working and making ends meet in their day-to-day lives, that saving or even having money to save for their children's academic futures is a stressor. It can also be very difficult to navigate the system. And for families living in poverty, the challenges can be even greater. 

WCTE's American Graduate initiative has worked to raise awareness about all the programs that are available for families and students across Tennessee. Begin this journey by checking out the American Graduate website, with resources for parents and students. These resources include testimonials submitted by PBS stations across the United States, featuring students who have overcome challenges and barriers that would have kept them from being successful. 

According to Lee, getting help filling out the FAFSA form (which is a requirement for any federal aid for academic assistance) may be something that parents would appreciate. 

This application must be filled out online and a good place to start is the counselor at your local high school. Additional assistance is available at the Putnam County Library, a WCTE Ready To Learn partner, where computers for public use and staff to help can be found.  

Resources to help pay for higher learning are also available. In the state of Tennessee, Tennessee Promisethe Tennessee Hope Scholarship, and TN Scholars are all available for students as they seek help paying for 2-year, 4-year or technical schools.

What's more, high schools across the upper Cumberland are working diligently to prepare their students in career and workforce development. Check out the website for the Tennessee Department of Education, and the other links posted above to gain information about these and other programs for students assistance and success. A community that supports students is a community looking at long range economic development and prosperity for all its citizens.


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