WCTE & PBS Kids Offers Free Tools & Resources for Parents of Young Learners

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This week on the Get Ready To Learn radio show, host Cindy Putman shares tools to help young learners. These great free resources are available online and on air from WCTE and PBS Kids.

Math & Science - 

If you are a parent who is worried about Math, Science or Reading skills with your early learners then WCTE and PBS Kids can help! One great resource for your children is the PBS Kids show, ODD Squad. This is the first live action show from the Fred Rogers Company since Mister Rogers Neighborhood. 

What's more, the folks at the Fred Rogers Company have introduced two new agents to their award winning kids show. Otis and Olympia are helping Ms.O problem solve, and your Odd Squad Agent can use the same skills when they tune into Odd Squad on WCTE weekdays at 3:30

The specific mathematical understandings and skills covered in Odd Squad fall into the following categories:

  • Numbers and Number Operations – Counting, number relations and operations
  • Geometry and Spatial Sense – Two and three dimensional shapes and their attributes, spatial and mapping skills
  • Measurement – Length, capacity, weigh, time, money and temperature
  • Data – Collecting, organizing, presenting and analyzing data
  • Algebraic Thinking – patterns, working with expressions and equations, and deductive reasoning

Math curricular topics are integrated into the narrative storylines of each episode of Odd Squad.

PBSKids also has a new show that will get kids excited about Astromony! Ready Jet Go airs at 6:30 am amd 3pm on WCTE

About Ready Jet Go

An alien family with vastly superior technology is traveling across the galaxy on assignment; the parents are travel writers. They pick up a radio signal of a catchy 1950s rock’n’roll song called “Jet Propulsion” that leads them to Earth, which they find to be a first-rate planet: lush and beautiful, worthy of staying awhile and writing up several travel articles. They morph into human shape, call themselves the Propulsion family, and name their kid JET, thinking it a “typical Earth name.” When their flying saucer morphs into the shape of a house and lands in a vacant lot, two kids witness the event, neighbors SEAN and SYDNEY.

The front door bursts open, JET PROPULSION hops out, and immediately becomes their best friend. He’s friendly and curious and fun, plus his parents have a flying saucer that can zoom them out to Saturn in one minute flat! Jet is what both kids have always wished for. He’s the most interesting kid ever, and an ambassador for space: “Space is so cool!!”

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Then there's Daniel Tiger, which helps kids understand their feelings. Tune in on WCTE weekdays a from 8-9 am. Fred Rogers often said that one of his most important messages was helping children find constructive ways to deal with their angry feelings. 

He wanted to help children and their parents understand that anger is natural and normal, but that there are healthy things we can do when we’re angry – things that don’t hurt others. 

Almost everyone gets angry sometimes. That’s just part of being human, whether you’re a grownup or child. But we have to learn what to do with the mad that we feel, and that’s a long, hard process. It happens little by little. In fact, it’s something we work on all through our lives.

When do we get mad? Usually when we feel helpless or left out or frustrated. So it’s no wonder children get angry a lot…and angry with the people who are closest to them, like parents and friends. It is the people we like the most who can make us feel gladdest…and maddest! In fact, love and anger are often intertwined in our closest relationships.

Free Apps

What if there was a free app that children have fun learning math from as they watch videos & play games featuring their favorite PBS KIDS characters? And what if there was a free companion app that supports parents & lets them track the skills in which their kids excel, and the skills where they may need more practice?

Thanks to a Ready To Learn grant to CPB and PBS from Congress and the U.S. Dept of Ed, these two free apps now exist!! These apps combine innovative transmedia content, learning analytics and parent reporting features that are revolutionizing how we create media to engage kids, advance their learning, assess their understanding, and support their progress!



Tune in each Saturday morning at 9:30 for the WCTE Get Ready To Learn Radio Show, with host Cindy Putman on Zimmer Broadcasting's The HUB 107.7 FM and 1400 AM. 

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