Stories from the Stage



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Cumberland County Playhouse



Tuesday, April 10th

Reception 6 PM / Showtime 7 PM

Seating is Limited!



What is Stories from the Stage?


WORLD Channel is launching a brand-new series, Stories from the Stage, which illustrates the power of real stories told by masterful storytellers. Each episode explores the art of storytelling with host Demetria Kalodimos introducing the episode’s theme, interviews with each teller talking about their craft, their amazing on-stage performances, and even comments and stories from the audience.



See the Upper Cumberland's Own Storytellers


During our live performance at CCPH on April 10th, the audience will enjoy watching the Upper Cumberland’s very own Storytellers from the stage and hear firsthand the stories that have been submitted to the World Channel for consideration on the brand-new series, Stories from the Stage.

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Stories from the Stage is a collaboration of WORLD Channel, WGBH Events, and Massmouth.






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