2013 Great TV Auction

The 2013 WCTE Great TV Auction will be held Thursday - Sunday on May 30 - June 2 and June 6 - 9 beginning at 7:00 pm.

WCTE Great ONLINE Auction

WCTE is thrilled to announce a brand new era of the Great TV Auction...an ONLINE portion of the auction festivities in addition to the LIVE television auction you know and love.

Click Here for the WCTE Online Auction

We are adding this fun new element with the help of Tays Realty & Auction LLC. The items on the online auction boards are open for bidding online only. Through the website, interested bidders can register for an online bidding account. Check out Board Two selling June 9 at 11pm!

Scroll down for general Auction info & FAQs.

General Auction Info...

Volunteers interested in getting item donations for the 2013 WCTE Great TV Auction, contact our Auction Coordinator or call 931-528-2222 ext. 236.

Tips for Bidding::

Get an Express Bid Number to save time during your bid. Call 931-528-2034 during the Live Broadcast to get your express bid number.

Bid High.The high bid on the board may not necessarily be the last bid - we have approximately 20 operators taking bids at any given time, so you've got some competition out there. Bid high and leave the timid bidders behind.

Overbid!  If you bid higher than the posted retail value of an item, not only do you increase your chances of winning, but if you do win, you'll receive extra overbid incentives!  In addition, Budweiser will match your overbid with donations of up to $1,500 to WCTE! Everybody wins when you overbid!

For more information please contact our Auction Coordinator or call 931-528-2222 ext. 236.

Auction FAQ

What is the WCTE Great TV Auction?

  • WCTE's largest community event
  • 8 days of televised excitement, sales and fun!
  • Hundreds of businesses receiving great multimedia exposure!

How Does it Work?

  • Products and services donated by retailers, manufacturers, businesses and individuals are presented live on WCTE-TV
  • The more valuable the item, the more exposure it receives
  • Viewers shop for items by watching at home and phoning in their bids

Who’s Watching?

  • WCTE serves Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky, reaching over 400,000 viewers via antenna and cable and an additional 1,000,000 on satellite in the Nashville market.
  • We have 3 digital broadcast channels, a robust website, and are active on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Pick Up & Pay

You can pick up and pay for your items at various locations and times to be announced soon.

Single Item Donor Options

The value of your single item donations determines placement and exposure during the Great TV Auction broadcasts.  Please read details below:


Auction Board Placement

On-Air Exposure

$10 - $24

Firehouse Board

Items are described & could be packaged with other items.

$25 - $199

Regular Board

Items are shown & described. Number of mentions based on retail value.

$200 - $999

Nightly Heavenly Board

Items featured on the Nightly Heavenly Board will be described at least 4 times. For VIP Donors at $1000 and up, this will include a 30 second pre-produced video spot.

$1000 - $4999

Heavenly Board

Items featured on the Heavenly Board receive a 30 second pre-produced video spot that will air nightly.


Heavenly Board

Items receive a 30 second pre-produced video spot that will air twice nightly.


Multiple Item Donors

Super 8 Club: $25 - $199

Donate a total of 8 items to the auction and your items will be sold on each of the 8 nights of the auction. If you are donating a larger quantity of items, they will be sold in quantities of 2 or 3 per presentation (not individually).

VIP Club: $1000 or more

$150 minimum per item. The VIP Club is designed to offer donors who wish to donate a variety of products and services an opportunity to receive major donor promotion.

Video Spots & Additional Benefits

  • All item video spots are based on a single item or combination of items valued at $1000 or more.
  • Pre-Auction promotion is available with commitments made by May 1.


Do you want to be a part of WCTE's Great TV Auction?

Our volunteers keep the wheels turning behind the scenes...

For more information please contact our Auction Coordinatoror call 931-528-2222 ext. 236.

Sponsorship Options

Auction Board Sponsorship

In addition to showcasing your products and services, you can also sponsor WCTE Great TV Auction Boards. As a sponsor, your company name and logo will be prominently displayed above the Auction Board.

Donation:        Board:
$300                Nightly (graphic only)
$500                Regular Board
$600                Nightly Heavenly
$700                Phone Bank
$750                Firehouse (per weekend)

Phone Bank Sponsorship

Sponsor the phone bank and send your team to answer the phones and take the bids from the viewers for another chance to have your company name, logo and team to appear on the WCTE Great TV Auction.
Phone Bank Sponsorship:       $700

Pick Up & Pay Sponsorship

Every time a successful bidder comes to pick up their merchandise they will see your company name and logo.
Pick Up & Pay Sponsorship: $1200

For more information on sponsorship, please contact our Sales Manager, Avery Owens, at aowens@wcte.org or call 931-528-2222 ext. 220.


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