Focus On: Donna Castle

Focus On: Donna Castle

Broadcast Live Monday, July 21st at 7:00 pm. 
A journalist since 1964, Donna's outstanding interview skills made Focus On one of WCTE's most popular shows. She drove the monthly live call-in show with the people and issues important to our viewers in the Upper Cumberland and beyond. 
To get a copy of this show, or to find out more about the Donna Castle Tribute Fund Click Here.


Here are just some of the wonderful comments called in by our viewers:

Caller from Cookeville,
“What a beautiful lady, what a beautiful legacy. Donna put Cookeville on the map. I wish I’d had the pleasure of meeting her.”

Philomena Palmer of Cookeville said:
“I worked on a show with Donna in relation to Tennessee Tech. When you think of WCTE, you think of Donna. I agree with everything said about Donna, especially about her caring way.”

Dennis from Murfreesboro said:
“I am a regular viewer of WCTE. I appreciate so much what Donna & WCTE have done for the Upper Cumberland.”

Viewer from Smithville said:
“Thanks so much to WCTE for what they have done for our town and the entire Upper Cumberland. The Jamboree won’t be the same without her!”

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