WCTE Doubles the Strength of Its Broadcast Signal

The Upper Cumberland’s PBS station is getting an upgrade. Thanks to a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, WCTE-TV was able to purchase a new transmitter and a digital antenna. This week, crews are hard at work removing the old analog antenna and replacing it with the new digital antenna.New WCTE Tower

“Combined with the new transmitter,” said Wayne Rosberg, WCTE’s consulting engineer, “ the digital antenna will double the strength of our broadcast signal. People who use antennas and do not receive WCTE now, or those people that only receive a weak signal should be able to pick us up.”

According to Rosberg, the improved quality of the signal will also benefit cable viewers as the cable companies also receive their signal from the antenna transmission.

For the duration of this week, while the technicians are working on the tower, WCTE will be operating at 20% power during the day and 50% power in the evening. This may create some reception problems for those viewers on the fringe of the WCTE viewing area.

While the tower is being replaced on Thursday and Friday (March 24 and 25), expect WCTE to be off the air for antenna and cable viewers for approximately 12 hours.

Dish & Direct customers will not be affected.


Old WCTE Tower


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