PBS KIDS GO! 2010 Writers Contest Winners


Congratulations to our 2010 Winners


  • 1st Place: Liz Bodsford “Rabbit in the Garden” Capshaw

1st Grade

  • 1st Place: Ella Chaphe “Gracie’s Spring Break” Capshaw
  • 2nd Place: Audrey Birdwell “Dream” Capshaw
  • H.M.: Ella Jo Gaspard “The Little Bird”
  • H.M.: Alyssa Herrick “The Big Surprise” Baxter
  • H.M.: Cassidy Wheeler “The Greedy Leprechaun”
  • H.M.: Ella Bodsford “The Easter Bunny”

2nd Grade

  • 1st Place: Emma Rhea Sells “The Maid and the Prince”
  • 2nd Place: Ella Carter “The Apple Tree”
  • Illustrator: Jacqueline Capron-Allcott “Akeelah & the Magic Chalk”
  • H.M.: Ellie Nolan “Dog Café”
  • H.M.: Amber Billings “Pee Wee the Dog”

3rd Grade

  • 1st Place: Rebecca P Hahnert “The Secret of the Mansion”
  • 2nd Place: Allie Mack Gaspard “The Best Thing”

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