The 2009 Putnam County Fair

LIVE! From the 2009 Putnam County Fair

Join WCTE Live from the Putnam County Fair, August 8th through August 15th beginning at 7:00pm.
We'll have special guests, gardening tips, and Fair Highlights and Flashbacks.
Stop by our booth for great information on how you can "Live Green & Prosper" all year round.

The Upper Cumberland has a rich tradition of connecting to the earth. Hundreds of century-old family farms dot the landscape and traditionally, our local economy has been largely based on agriculture.
When the Putnam County Fair first started in 1899, it catered to the interests of the area and exhibited the best in farming and horticulture. Gardening, livestock and canning were the big attractions. Even today with all of the razzle-dazzle, breath-taking rides and flashy events, the Fair remains true to its agricultural roots.
This year, live from our broadcast site at the Fairgrounds, WCTE will present a special program that celebrates our Upper Cumberland agriculture heritage.
WCTE Project Manager Erica Duarte describes LIVE! at the Putnam County Fair as a “one hour program with a live host featuring interviews, historical footage, gardening tips and facts, trivia questions and much more.”
“This show has grown out of a need we see in the region to grow our own gardens and eat more healthily,” said Cindy Putman, who will be the host for the show. “We’re going to examine what made the Upper Cumberland so self-sufficient in the past – growing your own crops, raising livestock and farming your own land. In these tough economic times, people feel a real need to be more self-sufficient.”
“As usual, we will show the highlights from the main arena,” said Executive Producer Rick Wells. “But instead of just showing the events at the Fair, we want to tell the stories about the people and the processes behind the events. How do you prepare a horse for show? What does it take to grow the biggest watermelon? What exactly is a prize chicken?”
You can catch LIVE! at the Putnam County Fair from August 8 to August 15 at 7:00 PM.

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