Alan & Joyce Tatum

WCTE is a fine asset to this region. Everyone should support WCTE to the best of their ability.

Alan and Joyce Tatum are a couple to watch in the Upper Cumberland for many reasons. They have been married for over 37 years and have raised 3 wonderful children. They are small business owners, are active in the arts in their community and enjoy supporting their local PBS station.
A pharmacist by trade, Alan Tatum takes pride in his children following in his footsteps. Daughters Tiffany and Jennifer are pharmacists also, and Jeremy works as a marketing analyst for a pharmacy group in Huntsville, Al. Although Jennifer is the only one of the Tatum children currently in the Upper Cumberland, the others hope their lives will lead them back home someday.
Alan and Joyce started their businesses with Payless Family Pharmacy in Sparta in 1993. With evident staying-power, this business has grown and changed as the times have dictated. Today, it offers a full-service pharmacy as well as other goodies and gifts topped off with a classic lunch counter.
Their second business, one they co-own with daughter Jennifer, is Cookeville Med Plus Pharmacy. Here, Jennifer is the primary pharmacist, coming home from school to help run the family business.
If that isn’t enough, The Tatums have more to keep them busy. They are also partners in the home medical business, RX Home Medical, with locations in Sparta and McMinnville.
Growing up in West Tennessee, Alan loved his home state. After living in Chicago, the young couple went looking for a change. Alan said, “When we came to the Upper Cumberland, we knew we were home.” And they’ve been here ever since.
These days, Alan packs his already full schedule with Mastersingers, a choral group comprised of about 60 members from all around this area. When Mondays are hard, he says he only has to get through voice warm-ups to get him re-energized. Joyce, after retiring a few times, is still actively involved with the preschool system in the Upper Cumberland. Joyce also finds time to be involved in various theatre activities and leads the JOY Club (Just Older Youth) at Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Cookeville.
The Tatums discovered WCTE shortly after it’s birth in this area. “We were proud to have such an asset in our local community,” Alan said. “We enjoy the local programs - Smithville Fiddler’s Jamboree, The Cookeville Christmas Parade and The Great TV Auction. Our grandchildren love Sesame Street and WCTE’s Stations of Imagination at Fall Fun Fest on the square in Cookeville.” He went on to say, “We also love Austin City Limits, Masterpiece Theatre - there is so much to love.”
Alan thinks it’s a true benefit to be a part of a national network and still have so many fine quality programs produced right here. “I was excited to be a part of Crank: Darkness on the Edge of Town, one of WCTE’s great documentaries with Todd Jarrell,” said Alan, “WCTE is a fine asset to this region. Everyone should support WCTE to the best of their ability.”
Most recently, the Tatums have become one of WCTE’s Digital Partners with a gift to support the stations transition to all digital equipment. “Adjusting to the Digital Transition is a very expensive process,“ Alan said, “We all have a duty to step up to the plate and help make this a reality for our local TV station. I’d like to encourage everyone to cheerfully give a gift to WCTE - after all; it will be a gift right back to our community!”

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