Angelo & Jennette Volpe

WCTE is truly a treasure in this community.

1987 was a good year in Tennessee for many reasons, Tennessee Technological University began building their “new” library, Railroading in Putnam County was published and Angelo and Jennette Volpe moved to Cookeville from North Carolina.
As President of Tennessee Tech University, Dr. Angelo Volpe and his wife, Jennette, jumped right into community life in this region. The Volpe’s got involved with WCTE-TV almost immediately upon their arrival in the Upper Cumberland. Jennette enjoyed watching programming like Mystery while Angelo enjoyed being involved in The Great TV Auction. From the beginning, Angelo worked on the Golden Eagle Board with other TTU representatives like Coach Ragland and Coach Harrell. “We immediately knew there had to be something special about this area to have their own PBS station,” said Angelo. “WCTE is truly a treasure in this community.”
Angelo was one of the first board members of the Upper Cumberland Broadcast Council, which is the governing board for WCTE. He joined in the late 80’s and has been on and off the board ever since. More recently, the Volpes were also WCTE’s very first Directors Circle member, with an annual membership of $1000. “WCTE gives so much to our community in time, talent and treasure that it’s only right to give back to WCTE,” Jennette said.
They believe that it is the duty of this community to support WCTE with any donation possible, especially now as we look forward to digital broadcasting. “With the necessary monetary investment in new digital equipment, greater community support would make it so much easier,” Angelo said.
“Cookeville, as a university town, has so many benefits,” continued Angelo, “there’s WCTE, The Bryan Symphony Orchestra and great sporting events. WCTE covers them all and brings these great things to the rest of the area.”
The Volpes believe that WCTE has made a tremendous leap forward in so many areas in recent years. Getting WCTE on Dish Network and DirecTV in Nashville has enabled the Upper Cumberland PBS station to showcase our region to the rest of Middle Tennessee. “Featuring events like the Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree and the Cookeville Christmas Parade allows WCTE to highlight the Upper Cumberland to people outside of our area” Angelo said. The Volpe’s believe The Newshour with Jim Lehrer is the best news program on TV. They like how WCTE covers it all- with great educational programming for children and excellent primetime programming for adults, the station has something to offer for everyone.
The Volpes are excited about WCTE’s three digital channels that are now being aired. They enjoy watching WCTE’s regular programming in HD and enjoy the travel and cooking shows on the CREATE channel.
Jennette also believes that the station is a very valuable member of this community. “WCTE does so much with their Stations of Imagination at Cookeville’s Fall FunFest, “Jennette said, “It’s a great event for parents and children alike.”
“We hope all viewers will consider supporting WCTE,” Jennette continued, “If you’re a member, consider moving up to the next level. The station is such a great part of this community.”
Thank you, Angelo and Jennette, for your continued guidance and friendship. You have helped WCTE climb to our current level, and with the support of members like yourselves, WCTE will continue to grow and prosper for many years to come.

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WCTE depends upon the support of our membership to produce and broadcast quality programming like this. Please help us continue this 30+ year tradition of community involvement by contributing to WCTE today.