Don and Glennis Bassi

PBS has a civility that you don’t find on the national networks.

Glennis & Don Bassi were married in Cocoa Beach, Florida in 1965. When they left the sunshine state, they settled in the Smartt community of Warren County, Tennessee. Glennis received her Master’s degree at TTU in 1972 and then worked as a teacher and with several political campaigns including the senate race of Albert Gore, Sr. as well as the congressional race of future vice-president Al Gore in 1976. Don spent some time working in the concrete industry, moving to Tennessee with General Shale, but ultimately retired from AEDC where he was contracted as an engineer with Arnold Airforce Base.

Since settling in the Upper Cumberland area, the Bassis have been loyal fans of WCTE. A member since 1995, Glennis was introduced to the station through the infamous “Bologna Days” that were held at the TN State Legislature and broadcast by WCTE’s Donna Castle in the 1980s. Glennis also helped to get WCTE’s resources into the hands of other teachers by working at the Warren County Teachers Center and ensuring that the facility had materials such as educational videos to supply.

Now that both members of this vibrant couple are retired, they have a bit more time to watch their favorite programs. Don is a fan of all the great science programming on WCTE and Glennis loves EVERYDAY FOODS. Both enjoy “Charlie Rose” and THIS OLD HOUSE and they look forward to the PBS NEWSHOUR with Jim Lehrer each evening. Glennis believes that “PBS has a civility that you don’t find on the national networks,” stating that she enjoys the news especially because it allows her to “see discussions from all points of view where folks are cordial to one another.”

The Bassis believe in WCTE and are proud to support it because they see the station as an invaluable resource for the Upper Cumberland community. Through the help of viewers like the Bassis, WCTE-TV can continue to bring quality programming to the viewers of the Upper Cumberland as well as build community partnerships and provide outreach services to those who need them most.

Article by Kate Spears

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