Dr. Jack Matson

Having a TV station here is important. WCTE brings a lot of attention to our area..

Dr. Jack Matson has lived in Cookeville for about ten years and teaches in the College of Business at Tennessee Tech. Shortly after he arrived, he became involved with WCTE. Currently he serves on the Upper Cumberland Broadcast Council as Treasurer. He’s also been instrumental as a volunteer at WCTE’s Great TV Auction.
“They asked me to work one or two nights to begin with and it turned out to be so much fun that I work the whole Auction”.
WCTE needed someone to keep up with how much money was coming in and to keep running totals as the Auction progressed. Jack exceeded expectations.
“When I started, I was given a calculator and a piece of paper and I would physically write things down and add them up. I did that for one night, then went home and built a spreadsheet that would help me keep up with the numbers and maintain a running total for me automatically. Now all I have to do is enter the date and we’re able to give the nightly results and the up-to-date results almost immediately with the close of the Auction.”
“One of the reasons I like to work with WCTE is because of the great folks that work there – they don’t have a lot of people that work there but they do a lot of great things – all of the local programming like the Smithville Jamboree and Focus On and Business Profiles; shows with Todd Jarrell, who just produced Tuba U, which will be shown on the PBS network across the country; and all of the educational outreach programs. Cindy Putman and Reggie Brown do so much with educational outreach and yet there are only two of them working part time.”
Jack thinks that having a TV station here is important and that it brings a lot of attention to the Upper Cumberland.
“WCTE is unique, even among other PBS stations across the country. We’re probably one of the smallest markets and we do more than many larger stations. If you get involved, you’ll see all of the great things we do here with a lot of success and very limited resources.”
“The biggest fundraiser we have (WCTE’s Great TV Auction) is coming up soon. I would encourage everyone to watch, to bid on lots of items, to help out with providing those resources and to get involved.”

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