Ellen McGugin

Viewers need to know that WCTE is run by local people; people from the community, people who have an interest in the Upper Cumberland.

McGugin Oil Company, like WCTE, has been around since the 70s. Tommy McGugin, Ellen McGugin’s husband, purchased the company from his father in 1975. When Tommy passed away 11 years ago, Ellen began running the business and has ever since. Not only are her children a part of the business, her grandchildren are as well – “sharing ups and downs,” discussing challenges and working together on goals. Ellen said it’s a good time just being together - a “great experience to see the family grow” and “sharing everyday life.” She is also thankful that the family does not always agree on issues; that’s a good thing bringing different opinions into the business.
Ellen has known about WCTE from the beginning and has always thought the station was “wonderful for the community.” The communities of the Upper Cumberland have “this opportunity to be able to share with each other and to get to know people through WCTE,” she said. “There’s lots of times that I would not get to know these people had it not been for WCTE.”
Ellen and her family enjoy local sporting events on WCTE such as high school and college football plus coverage of the local horse shows. She feels that viewers need to know that WCTE is run by local people; people from the community, people who have an interest in the Upper Cumberland. These people at WCTE are also promoting the businesses throughout the region – she thinks, “it’s a great asset to the community.”
Ellen McGugin and her family have recently made a significant financial commitment to WCTE to help with the FCC-required digital conversion. This is in addition to underwriting local productions throughout the year. She said she wants everyone to know that WCTE is worthy of everyone’s support. The station helps the whole Upper Cumberland area and “I think it has given other counties the opportunity to know each other and to share experiences together that promote growth” and “to find out what’s available in the communities.” “The Upper Cumberland is rich in assets, “ Ellen said. There’s no doubt she feels like having a public television station right here adds much to that richness.
Ellen, thank you and your family so much for your ongoing commitment to helping WCTE thrive in this Upper Cumberland Region. We’re so glad you are a part of OUR family!

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