J&S Construction

If you don’t enjoy service and are not quality people, how can you have a quality business?

J&S Construction got its humble start in the Upper Cumberland in 1926 when Pat Stites bartered his construction skills with Dr. Moore in Algood in exchange for medical care for his wife. Pat Stites later started Builders Supply and then years later, started J&S Construction. He passed his tradition of quality and honesty on to his son who retired from the business in the 70’s, and to his grandchildren who operate J&S Construction today, in their 51st year.
J&S Construction is a true family business. Today Jack Stites is the president, Johnny Stites is the CEO and they are joined by David, Kevin and Sarah - to name a few of their family members who are co-workers. They know that they are in an industry stereotypically known for not showing up when promised, not completing a project when promised and being rather slovenly in their dress. They strive to overcome that stereotype of construction companies and be very professional in every aspect of their business. They like to be involved with community entities that help to differentiate their business from the pack. WCTE is one of those area businesses they believe help them to do just that. They employ people who are family oriented and encourage their employees to be involved in their communities - whether it’s coaching a little league team or volunteering at the WCTE Great TV Auction. Johnny Stites asks, “If you don’t enjoy service and are not quality people, how can you have a quality business?”
J&S Construction has been supporting WCTE almost since its birth here in the Upper Cumberland. Johnny Stites remembers when WCTE founders Richard & Donna Castle’s boys grew up with his children. They have fond memories of watching the children, and WCTE, grow up together. They believe that by investing in WCTE they are investing in their community. J&S Construction also believes that their association with WCTE adds to their credibility in the community. They love this community and believe that it is important to tell the stories about the people and what they contribute. Richard & Donna Castle started that tradition through WCTE and J&S believes it is very important to continue.
Johnny enjoys watching The Newshour with Jim Lehrer on WCTE. He sees it as a fair and balanced way to learn about what is happening in our country and around the world. His family also enjoys WCTE’s local productions including the Cookeville Christmas Parade. They believe that TV can energize and inspire people and that is what they strive to do as a business.
They want to make a difference in their community and have been involved in many programs helping to do just that. One such project has been “adopting” the Cookeville High School. They were involved with the high school for 7 years and want to use that opportunity to inspire children to strive to be more than they thought they could be in their lives.
Through these affiliations and by supporting WCTE, TTU, and the Drama Center they believe they put their business into a different category- they are a different kind of construction company - one with a lot of heart.
“Your community is an asset. You cannot take, take and take. If you don’t give back to your community, you will never be all that you want to be,” said Johnny Stites. “We’ve benefited in this community and we want to give back.”
WCTE is proud of their partnership with the Stites family and J&S Construction through their sponsorship of the Great TV Auction, being the lead sponsor of The Watson Brown Show and with their generosity in being one of WCTE’s first Digital Transition Partners.
Thank you J&S Construction!

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