The Malones

WCTE offers a family atmosphere with quality programming and a community focus.

Terrill Malone came to Cookeville, TN to attend Tennessee Tech, and after meeting his future wife Lisa, decided to make the Upper Cumberland his home. Lisa has now been a CPA in Cookeville for many years and Terrill has been an elementary educator in Putnam County for over 33 years. Lisa said they feel like WCTE has always been a part of their lives. They value WCTE as an integral part of the community.
Now, with their daughter Katie, WCTE’s educational value has an even greater significance. Katie attends Heavenly Host Lutheran School in Cookeville. She enjoys playing golf, basketball and horseback riding. She dreams of being a Forensic Scientist when she grows up.
“As long as I can remember,” Lisa said, “WCTE has been a part of our community.” She recalls working back stage at one of the earliest Great TV Auctions and thinking that it was a really neat event.“ The camaraderie and teamwork that we saw was contagious,” Lisa said.
Katie remembers watching children’s programming on WCTE and really enjoying it. She enjoyed learning from the station. “When I was little,” Katie said, “I loved to watch Zaboomafoo and Sagwa.” Katie continued, “Before church I would love to watch those shows, I even had a Sagwa bath towel.” Katie remembers watching Cyberchase and wondering how those kids could do all of those math problems. “Now I do that everyday,” said Katie. Katie also enjoys volunteering at the Great TV Auction where she can meet other kids.
Lisa believes that because they are so involved with WCTE, personally and professionally, they know more about how WCTE works. “I can see how much it takes to make all of those local shows appear on the screen,” Lisa stated. “I don’t think most of the community really knows how much local production WCTE does when compared to other stations.”
The Malone’s also believe the WCTE family is an extended family. It includes not just the employees but all of the volunteers and supporters as well. “I appreciate that WCTE is very community focused. WCTE’s decisions are made with the community in mind,” Lisa continued. “We choose to support WCTE financially for those reasons, and because we believe strongly in the programming offered.”
The Malone’s are one of our many viewers who receive WCTE on an antenna only. With the arrival of their daughter Katie, they wanted to be sure that when Katie was watching television she was learning while being entertained. “WCTE offers a family atmosphere with quality programming and a community focus,” stated Lisa.
Lisa thinks the Upper Cumberland is very lucky to have our own PBS station. “I hope people in the Upper Cumberland understand how fortunate we are to have WCTE here. So many other stations around us just seem to focus on their big cities. They may be larger, but don’t do near as much local programming,” said Lisa. Lisa also believes that WCTE is an asset to the Chamber’s Highlands Initiative. She believes that WCTE brings people in and gives focus to our region.
“We enjoy watching WCTE as a family,” Lisa said, “We enjoy the educational value of the programming as parents and we can be learning while we’re all having fun. That’s important to us.”

Thank you Terrill, Lisa and Katie Malone for all that you continue to give to WCTE!

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