Max and Patti Atnip

WCTE provides the Upper Cumberland with a venue for OUR people to produce information about OUR communities.

On WCTE-TV’s first broadcast day, Max Atnip’s best friend’s father was a director for the Upper Cumberland Broadcast Council, the governing body for our PBS station. That immediately gave him a connection and he was “crisply” aware of the station’s mission. He’s been promoting WCTE ever since.
Today Max and his wife Patti run a successful chiropractic practice in Cookeville. Max’s dad and uncle were also chiropractors, and his brother and first cousin currently practice chiropractic in Smithville and Livingston. As a family, they’ve been serving the Upper Cumberland for over 65 years.
Max is also the Vice Chairman in that very same Upper Cumberland Broadcast Council. He faithfully serves on the Council because he believes that “we provide the Upper Cumberland with a venue for OUR people to produce information about OUR communities. We are as good as a second arm to organizations like the Chamber of Commerce because we are encouraging people to become more aware of the Upper Cumberland.”
Their three children used to love to watch the children’s programming on WCTE. “They watched Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Clifford and Thomas The Train,” said Patti. “We recently took our grandson to Nashville to a model train expo and they had a Thomas The Train ride. So now there is another generation that has come around and is exposed to this wonderful station and its children’s programs. “Plus, WCTE has the Stations of Imagination at Cookeville’s Fall Fun Fest and we’ve taken our grandson the last two times.”
‘I like the fact that you can always turn to WCTE and find something educational and informational and entertaining,’” said Patti. “Whether it’s Great Performances, This Old House, The Antiques Road Show, something creative with arts and crafts or something about nature – there is just something for everyone!”

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