Mickie and James Akenson

WCTE is an investment – it is a part of who we are in the Upper Cumberland.

In January, Mickie Akenson was elected Chairman of the Upper Cumberland Broadcast Council, the governing board for WCTE. She was a natural choice. She had been an involved Board Member for many years, and she and her husband, Dr. James Akenson, a Professor of Curriculum and Instruction in Education at Tennessee Tech University, have always been avid supporters of WCTE.
Mickie and James met at the University of Wisconsin. She was a graduate of the University of Georgia and was involved with the dance program while James was working on his PhD. When James interviewed for a position at TTU, they both had a good feeling about Cookeville.
.“It’s been a wonderful experience living here and working at Tennessee Tech,” said James. “Interviewing at TTU was the second smartest thing I ever did.”
Mickie and James became more aware of WCTE when the station interviewed her about dance. Shortly afterwards, she became involved with WCTE’s educational outreach, “which is really trying to make a difference in the lives of the Upper Cumberland.
“The station can do great things and its attitude that gets it there,” says Mickie. “I’m extremely impressed with the local programming – they’re always searching for stories. With the involvement of people like Todd Jarrell and the exceptional documentaries he produces, the station makes a difference, not only in our community, but in the national community.”
“WCTE is an investment – it is a part of who we are in the Upper Cumberland.”

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