Rebecca & Ben Brady

Having worked with WCTE the last few months and going into the future, I’m a little more aware of the technology that’s coming, and the ability for Cookeville, TN to have an HD Television Channel is just phenomenal.

Rebecca and Ben Brady met at TTU in 1994 and were married in 1995. They have three children: Lillian, Grant and Duncan, and they are expecting their fourth in December. Rebecca is an attorney with a practice above the historic Maddux Hardware Building in Cookeville. Ben is co-owner in Ciphertek Systems in Livingston, servicing the Upper Cumberland.
“I like living in Cookeville,” says Ben. “I wouldn’t raise a family anywhere else.“
The Bradys have been supporting WCTE for a long time. Rebecca remembers watching the Great TV Auction together as a young couple living in Tech Village.
“We’re both self employed,” says Rebecca, “so we work more than we should-- there aren’t very many times that we’ll actually make time to watch TV. Probably football season is the only time that we’ll actually plan television. The Great TV Auction is the only other program that we’ll plan around.“
The Bradys have an adventurous spirit, and one of their favorite pastimes includes road trips based on shows they watch on WCTE.
“One of our favorite shows is Tennessee Crossroads,” commented Ben. “They’ll either touch on something of historical relevance in TN, or visit restaurants that are off the beaten path. Rebecca and I map out those restaurants and when we have time we get the motorcycle out and go to those places.”
Ben originally came from Knoxville to go to Tech in 1985, but Rebecca is a hometown girl.
“I grew up in Monterey and there was very little programming to choose from.,” says Rebecca. “Of course I grew up watching public television and I didn’t realize how lucky we were to have a television station until I was older and realized it’s not something every community has.”
“I learned about WCTE when I was going to Tech,” says Ben. “I think I used to play racquetball in the office that you guys have now at WCTE. So I’ve been coming over to the station for quite some time. It is impressive to me that Cookeville has a television station. You have some local content that you don’t get from anyone else and it’s very community based. I think all the business people I work with are involved somehow with the television station. All of the professors I had at Tech are involved. Its just very community based and clearly an asset to the community.”
Ciphertek has been working with WCTE this year to help with IT needs and to help transition the High Definition Master Control and Equipment. Ben has participated in WCTE events like the Great TV Auction, Stations of Imagination and Blues and Brews.
“I’ve worked with broadcast media before,” said Ben. “I’ve worked with a video production company in Knoxville and we do a lot of work with audio broadcasting in the Upper Cumberland. One of the things that I’ve noticed since we’ve worked with WCTE is the sense of family.“
“Everybody likes each other and they have a tremendous ability to work together. It is amazing going through the most recent Auction and seeing how everything just comes together. Everybody really has a good time--which is not always the case with some of the companies I work for and worked with in the past - from the employees down to the guests.”
The Bradys invite everyone to get to know their public television station, WCTE.
“I’d highly recommend everybody from kids up to adults and retirees to tune into WCTE on a regular basis,” said Ben. “I think you’ll enjoy it. Become a member; start interacting with the television station; use WCTE to get the word out about your business.”
“I don’t think everyone appreciates the value there of having a PBS station right here in the Upper Cumberland,” said Ben. “Having worked with WCTE the last few months and going into the future, I’m a little more aware of the technology that’s coming, and the ability for Cookeville, TN to have an HD Television Channel is just phenomenal. There are a lot of major markets right now that don’t have Hi Def. We’re really blessed in Cookeville to have a station here that we can all share.

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