Sam and Onda Gibbons

Our own local public television is good for the community.

If there was ever a couple that knew what it takes to bring together WCTE’s Great TV Auction, it is Sam and Onda Gibbons. Why? For the past 25 years, Sam has volunteered his time to solicit donations, and Onda picks up and delivers food to the many volunteers that work the Auction. It’s a family tradition for the Gibbons. Their son Philip and granddaughters, Julie and Leann, have all spent many hours helping at the Auction – doing on-air hosting and working behind the scenes.

Sam and Onda have been married for 59 years, and both have lived in the Algood area for almost 65 years. They became more interested in their local PBS station when their daughter-in-law, Sue Gibbons, became the Traffic Director for WCTE in 1985. They enjoy local productions such as House Call and Focus On. They also enjoy the variety of entertainment programs such as The Lawrence Welk Show and the Gaithers’ Homecoming Celebration.

The Gibbons want to challenge all WCTE viewers to support the station by donating to the Auction, becoming a member, or volunteering their time. In the words of Sam and Onda, it is “good for the community” to have your own local public television station.

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WCTE depends upon the support of our membership to produce and broadcast quality programming like this. Please help us continue this 30+ year tradition of community involvement by contributing to WCTE today.