Steve Chapman & Donna Simpson

I like the fact that we are able to share what goes on here locally with the country at large. What goes on here goes on across the country, too. You don’t have to be in a big city to get it; you can get it locally.

Steve Chapman and his wife Donna Simpson have been loyal fans and supporters of WCTE for many years. Donna, a lawyer who works primarily with Social Security clients, grew up in White County. She left White County but moved back when she graduated from law school. Steve is an implant from Franklin and has been in the area for nearly ten years.

Steve, owner of the executive coaching firm Broad Reach Strategies, first became aware of the programs being played and what goes on within the walls of the station during his many business trips to WCTE.

“Becky Magura and I have worked together through my company, Broad Reach Strategies,” said Steve. “I have a fascinating opportunity to see the magic behind the scenes and it has been fun to see the way they work.”

When asked about their home life, Donna said that public television has, over the years, become a staple in their lives. She stated that she knew Donna and Dick Castle, who managed the station during its inception, and that is how she became aware of what WCTE had to offer in programming and in the community. “I love the Smithville Jamboree and the county fair, it brings back so many childhood memories,” said Donna. “I really got involved when Todd Jarrell did Tree Safari with Brad Sells.”

It has been contributing programs such as Tree Safari, the Smithville Jamboree, and the Putnam County Fair that has made Donna aware of how important it is to support her local public broadcasting station. She is also proud of the way these local programs which highlight the “hometown appeal,” such as Jammin’ at Hippie Jack’s, are also displayed on a national scale.

“I like the fact that we are able to share what goes on here locally with the country at large,” said Donna. “What goes on here goes on across the country too. You don’t have to be in a big city to get it; you can get it locally.”

Community financial contributions are what make it possible for WCTE to show what a culturally rich area the Upper Cumberland is. Steve and Donna are quick to express the importance of supporting a local public broadcasting station.

“It is easy to take WCTE for granted because it is just there,” stated Steve. “It isn’t just there. It is a great thing that I think people are lucky to have, and they should support it.”

Steve points out that there are many different kinds of people who can do great things within this relatively small community such as Putnam County and the surrounding region. These people, however, are just a small portion of what keeps a station like WCTE operating.

“It doesn’t take some particularly unique talent to help the station,” said Steve. “Even small levels of support consistently given let this station know what to expect so they can plan and do the big dreaming.”

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