Tom Glynn

Photographer's Profile: Tom Glynn has an ongoing love affair with photography that has spanned almost 50 years. While necessity has led him on other career paths over the years, he has remained devoted to photography, always finding a way to incorporate his passion into his life and career.


Outhouse RaceCivil War ReenactorsKathrine & JustinSenator Charlotte BurksMarathon RunnersOkoeeThe love affair began when he became involved in retouching and restoring photos. Those were the days of film, and retouching meant using brushes and special inks. It was agonizingly tedious and detailed work but Tom learned a lot by closely studying the photos he was restoring. He soon realized that he could take better photos than many of the photographers whose work he was enhancing.

While he shoots special events and weddings, Tom’s true passion is photojournalism. You can often see his work in Celebrations magazine and the Jackson County Sentinel.  He was also a contributing photographer to the WCTE production, “Discovering the Upper Cumberland.”

To see more of his photos, go to
You can email Tom or call (931) 510-7109.

Defeated Creek Park

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