Tony & Jeanie Lee

The more community oriented you are, the better.

In today’s fast-paced world, many businesses come into a community with a primary goal of making a profit, and unfortunately, they don’t seem to care how they do it. It is truly refreshing to look at a business whose longevity in our community harkens us back to a simpler time when businesses were established on the integrity and honesty of their founders. Winell Lee Moulding and Hardwood in Cookeville is one such business and Tony and Jeanie Lee are prime examples of their family members who founded their company.
Winell and Mary Lee based their family business on sincerity with a veracity not often seen in corporations today. With the 2008 celebration of a 50th anniversary for Winell Lee Moulding and Hardwood, we can surely see how these characteristics were passed down to the family members running the business today.
Tony and Jeanie Lee believe it is very important to continue serving the public with the same traits the company was founded on. Part of the family business, Tony & Jeanie Lee have supported WCTE and its community involvement for many years. Their children grew up with WCTE and now their grandchildren are enjoying the safe, smart and entertaining programming as well. They are a part of the four generations working in their family business and Jeanie Lee believes that one key to their success is being involved in their community. “For local businesses, the more community oriented you are, the better. That’s how you grow in your community. You help to make your community a success by working together,” said Jeanie. Today, Jeanie and Tony are most impressed with the growth of WCTE’s service area. “WCTE’s outreach is much greater now. Now WCTE can cover most of Middle Tennessee. That growth is important and the work you do there is important,” Jeanie continued.
The Lee family also believes in continued growth through their reforestation efforts in the Upper Cumberland. While almost all of the lumber they use is a Tennessee product, they replant many of the areas to replace trees for the future. “If the harvesting is done right, it will reseed itself”, said Tony.
As with any family business, theirs has challenges, but since they are working with their family, they know they can always work it out. While Jeanie enjoys working and interacting with people a lot, both Tony and Jeanie see working with their family as the best part of their job. Tony also enjoys working with his sons (Shay & Jason) in the out-of-doors as well. The Lee’s believe that another key to the success of their business is that all of their family members bring expertise and value in a variety of areas. They also believe the generations of success in their business can be attributed to the dedication of their family as well.
Tony and Jeanie are proud to say that they support WCTE and are proud of what the station has become. It is a rare Sunday at church when Jeanie does not hear someone mention that they saw her on WCTE. “We do hear that our sponsorships do make a difference,” said Jeanie. She also believes that WCTE is worthy of support because of the educational and informative programming that WCTE airs, “That is very important- especially in the world today,” continued Jeanie, “WCTE does it’s best to present a quality product.”
Tony and Jeanie Lee are a part of the WCTE family as members and sponsors alike. They believe in so many ways that they have been truly blessed.
We appreciate the years of support given to WCTE by Tony and Jeanie Lee and congratulate them on their years of success as well!

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