Spotlight On

Sam and Onda Gibbons
" Our own local public television is good for the community."
Steve Chapman & Donna Simpson
" I like the fact that we are able to share what goes on here locally with the country at large. What goes on here goes on across the country, too. You don’t have to be in a big city to get it; you can get it locally."
Donna & Pat Quillen
" If we want to protect that heritage and give it an opportunity to shine even regionally or nationally, then there’s no better vehicle to do that than WCTE."
Pat and Nancy Bagley
" It is a unique opportunity to be involved with this station and it is an investment in this area. There are some really great people around here (at WCTE) and it is delightful working with them."
Hippie Jack Stoddart
" I don’t know if we chose the Plateau as much as it chose us. There are a very special breed of people (here)..."
Randy Jackson
"I'm never bored - there's always something different to do. And now, with the awesome new digital equipment and three new digital channels, there is even more to do. "
Rebecca & Ben Brady
" Having worked with WCTE the last few months and going into the future, I’m a little more aware of the technology that’s coming, and the ability for Cookeville, TN to have an HD Television Channel is just phenomenal."
Rosemary & Don Weinrauch
" We can all be proud to have WCTE in the Upper Cumberland. This innovative and progressive local station is one of the best returns on investment for the region."
Melinda & Randy Keifer
" WCTE not only has a cultural impact – it has a very strong economic impact as well."
Lillian and Ken Hartgrove
" WCTE is a station that listens to your input and tries to provide for the needs of the community."

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