Spotlight On

Tony & Jeanie Lee
" The more community oriented you are, the better."
Larry McDonald
"I think WCTE-TV is one of the best assets this community has to offer and has been a true treasure of the Upper Cumberland region for 30 years."
Neil & Emma Jean Dudney
" Channel 22 put the Jamboree on the map."
Jeff & Kathy Callahan
"It’s the love of children that bring Jeff and Kathy Callahan to public television and WCTE"
Bob and Gail Luna
" I have always believed in the value of public television"
Fred & Louise Culp
" (WCTE) certainly makes a major contribution to the City of Cookeville."
Richard & Donna Castle
"They literally scratched WCTE out of the dirt with their bare hands in the early years..."
Wayne Rosberg
"It’s always good to give something back in life"

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