FRONTLINE: Top Secret America- 9/11 to the Boston Bombings
Air Date: 
Tuesday, Apr 30th - 9:00pm
Episode Title: 
Top Secret America- 9/11 to the Boston Bombings

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, Americans are asking why the country's intelligence agencies failed to prevent the devastating attack. Now, reports indicate that even though the CIA and FBI had been warned about one of the bombing suspects, they still managed to elude America's security net.Have the hundreds of billions of dollars spent since September 11th on counterterrorism efforts in America made us safer?

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Dana Priest traces the journey from 9/11 to the Marathon bombings, examines efforts to improve information sharing among federal agencies tasked with keeping us safe, and investigates the secret history of the twelve-year battle against terrorism.

*FRONTLINE episode, "Never Forget to Lie" was moved to May 14 in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.


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