The Hayloft Gang

The Hayloft Gang
Air Date: 
Wednesday, Sep 21st - 9:30pm
Episode Title: 
The Story of the National Barn Dance

Narrated by Garrison Keillor, The Hayloft Gang tells the story of a changing America through the lens of one of the nation's most popular country music radio shows during the 1930s and '40s: the National Barn Dance.
While the nation underwent massive industrialization, experienced the rise of big business, the influx of immigrant populations and the cultural upheaval of art forms like jazz and the blues, the National Barn Dance broadcast folksy, friendly melodies, recalling the barn raisings and square dances of an idealized rural America. A precursor to The Grand Ole Opry, the National Barn Dance helped shape an identity for a rural America coming to grips with changing times.

Visit The Hayloft Gang website at to experience a fresh take on the popular music of the time and learn about The Hayloft Gang’s Video Contest. Audiences can watch performance videos, interpret the songs themselves and upload their videos for prizes. Participants can urge friends and family to vote via email, Facebook, and Twitter. To coincide with the broadcast, the contest launches on August 15th, 2011. Winners will be announced in November.

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