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Thursday, Dec 27th - 8:00pm
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Abigail Washburn with Béla Fleck

Bluegrass/Folk/Indie: Abigail Washburn and Grammy award-winning artist Béla Fleck perform at the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville, TN.

Fleck is the recipient of multiple Grammy Awards going back to 1998. Béla Flecks' total Grammy count is 11 Grammys won, and 27 nominations. He has been nominated in more different categories than anyone in Grammy history. Widely acknowledged as one of the world's most innovative and technically proficient banjo players, Béla Fleck is best known for his work with the bands New Grass Revival and Béla Fleck and the Flecktones.
In 2005, Fleck undertook several new projects including coproducing Song of the Traveling Daughter, the debut album by Abigail Washburn (a young banjo player who mixes bluegrass and Chinese music); forming the acoustic fusion supergroup Trio! With fellows Jean-Luc Ponty and Stanley Clarke, and recording an album as a member of the Sparrow Quartet (along with Abigail Washburn, Ben Sollee, and Casey Driessen).

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