Doug & Telisha Williams
Air Date: 
Thursday, Jul 7th - 9:00pm
Episode Title: 
Doug & Telisha Williams, Part 1

Husband and wife duo, Doug & Telisha Williams, perform during the Jammin at Hippie Jack’s Americana Music Festival in Overton County, TN.

Doug & Telisha Williams hail from Martinsville, Virginia. The songs for their latest record, Ghost of the Knoxville Girl, weren’t written by people who like to imagine what it’s like “out there.” Instead, they came from stories told across kitchen tables or between friends after a couple of pitchers at the Ten Pin. Like the very best singer-songwriters, this duo gives a voice to the struggles of everyday people, as well ghosts of the past. Telisha’s voice rises from way down deep and delivers the honest truth with a frank clearness that never wavers. Doug’s guitar and harmonies follow suit giving soul to heart. Doug & Telisha can send audience members to their feet in applause, to their knees in prayer, and back to the bar to buy another beer.

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