Masterpiece: Mystery!

Rufus Sewell as Detective Aurelio Zen
Air Date: 
Sunday, Jul 17th - 8:00pm
Episode Title: 
Zen: Vendetta
A killer is on a vendetta-fuelled rampage against those who wrongly imprisoned him, including a cop who had almost nothing to do with it: Zen. But Zen is too busy dealing with another crime—a politically-charged murder—to notice that he’s on the psychopath’s hit list. Ordered by his boss to nail the chief suspect in the murder case whether he is guilty or not and by a justice official to get the guy off, Zen is in a no-win situation
— although he has won the heart of his officemate Tania Moretti. With so many distractions, can Zen solve the murder while keeping his job, staying alive, and getting to know Tania better?

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