Air Date: 
Friday, Jan 11th - 8:00pm
Episode Title: 
New Season!

As the United States moves beyond the presidential election, MOYERS & COMPANY re-affirms its commitment to investigate issues that matter to American democracy — on TV, online, on the radio and via social media. In season two, the series pays special attention to the continuing influence of big money and corporate self-interest on politics, the economy and daily life. In its inaugural season, Bill Moyers hosted compelling conversations about the realities of life on the U.S-Mexico border, voter ID laws, the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, the languages of politics and poetry, economic inequality for the millennial generation, the global battle over genetically modified seeds, and the cycles of poverty, powerlessness and despair in America


Additional Air Dates: 
Sunday, Jan 13th - 12:30pm

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