NATURE: Attenborough's Life Stories: Life on Camera
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Wednesday, Jan 23rd - 7:00pm
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Attenborough's Life Stories: Life on Camera

Travel back with Sir David Attenborough through his 60 years on television to explore three fields he thinks have been profoundly transformed: filmmaking, science and the environment. "Nature: Attenborough's Life Stories" airs over three Wednesdays on WCTE beginning January 23 at 7:00 pm. Advances in slow motion filming allow us to examine how a kestrel (pictured) hovers.

In “Life on Camera,” Sir David Attenborough revisits key places and events in his wildlife filmmaking career, reminisces through his old photos and reflects on memorable wildlife footage, including swimming with dolphins and catching a komodo dragon. Returning to his old haunts in Borneo, he recalls the challenges of filming on a seething pile of guano in a bat cave.

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In honor of Sir David Attenborough’s 60th anniversary on television, this three-part miniseries focuses on three fields that David Attenborough feels have been transformed most profoundly: filmmaking, science and the environment. Richly illustrated with the sequences (re-mastered in HD) that Attenborough has spent 60 years capturing, new interviews in which he revisits the content, stories and locations that were featured in his landmark series, and packed with the personal anecdotes of the BBC’s most accomplished raconteur, “Attenborough’s Life Stories” is a singular synopsis of a unique half-century plus.

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