Air Date: 
Friday, Oct 5th - 9:00pm
Episode Title: 
Music Without Borders 2

This musical adventure series roams America and the world in search of compelling music, telling the stories behind the music and the artists who create it. Hosted by public radio’s Marco Werman, the magazine-format show features three stories and a special “global hit” performance at the end of the episode. Reporters include Alexis Bloom, Arun Rath and Mirissa Neff. The show combines travel, soul-satisfying music and a sense of humor with top-notch journalism.

“The Jazz Ambassador” – Wynton Marsalis and his Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra are in Chicago, spreading the gospel of jazz — America’s music — to young and old. Reporter: Alexis Bloom.

“Into the Mystic” – The latest animated movie from Pixar, called Brave, tells the story of a young girl in a fantasy Scotland of the past. SOUND TRACKS goes behind the scenes to introduce the Scottish folk singer, Julie Fowlis, who wrote and sings the movie’s theme song. Reporter: Mirissa Neff

“Shaking the Tree” – Africa’s most famous living singer, Youssou N’dour, began his career creating exciting music in his homeland, Senegal. This year, N’dour ran for president of Senegal as a reform candidate. SOUND TRACKS follows the campaign, ending in a grand concert. Reporter: Marco Werman.

“Global Hit: Of Monsters and Men” - Of Monsters and Men, the indie rock band out of Iceland, found an unlikely international hit with their first single "Little Talks". For SOUND TRACKS, the six-piece group, led by two singers, Nanna and Raggi, perform an unplugged version of their second single from their debut album, "Mountain Sounds." Reporter: Arun Rath.

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