STUCK IN THE MIDDLE: Caring for Mom and Dad

STUCK IN THE MIDDLE: Caring for Mom and Dad
Air Date: 
Saturday, Jun 9th - 1:00pm
Episode Title: 
June Membership Special

One day most of us will have to face many hard issues regarding the care of our aging parents. For some, that day comes gradually. For others, it comes without a moment's notice. In either case the big question is, "Are you ready?"

Essentially, 100% of us will most likely be caregivers at some point in our lives. Today there are more than 75 million people who are "stuck in the middle" of kids, career and caring for elderly family members. The process is often arduous and extremely painful. Barbara McVicker is one of the nation's leading authorities on eldercare. Through humor, tears and inspiring care giving stories, Barbara gives hope to viewers during this ninety-minute pledge special by providing them a lifeline and assuring them they are not alone. Most importantly, audiences will leave with the essential information and tools they will need to navigate care giving so they can move from crisis to planning.

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Additional Air Dates: 
Saturday, Jun 16th - 10:00am

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