Tuba U: Basso Profundo

Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble 40th Anniversary All Stars
Air Date: 
Sunday, Aug 21st - 10:30pm


TUBA U: BASSO PROFUNDO follows an unusual 22-piece musical ensemble into the recording studio, across the U.S. and onto the stage of renowned Carnegie Hall. Featuring the career of tuba maestro Winston Morris, the compositions of Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Gunther Schuller, a visit to German tuba makers and the 100-member Tubas of Mass Destruction, this is the anatomy of one instrument that speaks to the dedication and discipline shared by players of all instruments. The program examines the value of the individual within the context of the ensemble and assures viewers that some unexpected and unusual things are indeed worthy of a lifetime of commitment. TUBA U dispels assumptions of size, value and ability, addressing prejudice - even if a very quirky one. Filled with "who knew?" moments, the documentary takes a look at the history, physicality and personalities of the tuba.
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