Episode Title: 
The Greatest Show on Earth

Air Date: June 9-12

Thursday thru Sunday

The Nightly Showcase begins at 6:30 pm, then the live Auction begins at 7:00 pm. 
That’s right folks, for 8 entertaining nights you can pop your popcorn, munch on cotton candy and be awed by the death defying deals as, like the most skilled of trapeze artists, we recklessly swing from one auction board to the next.  
Be amazed as we juggle amazing merchandise, services and deals donated by our generous sponsors. Chuckle in delight as you phone, bid and win again and again and again. Folks, this is WCTE’s most watched event of the year and the station’s biggest fundraiser. It is an opportunity for business to join forces with WCTE. By donating items to the Greatest Show on Earth TV Auction, hundreds of businesses receive exposure through web, print and of course, television.
Visit http://www.wcte.org/auction for more information.
Additional Air Dates: 
Friday, Jun 3rd - 6:30pm
Saturday, Jun 4th - 6:30pm
Sunday, Jun 5th - 6:30pm
Thursday, Jun 9th - 6:30pm
Friday, Jun 10th - 6:30pm
Saturday, Jun 11th - 6:30pm
Sunday, Jun 12th - 6:30pm

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