WCTE's K-12 Teacher Workshops

An Educator's Guide to PBS Programming and Educational Resources
This workshop provides an overview of PBS programming and related educational resources. Teachers will receive information on educational copyright, tips for using educational video in the classroom and information on how to obtain supplemental resources through PBS web sites.
(60-90 minutes)


PBS Kids Go to School
This workshop gives an overview of PBS programming designed for preschool and elementary school age children. Teachers will receive information on program schedules, suggestions for use in the classroom and how to obtain supplemental educational resources through PBS and PBS Kids web sites.
(60-90 minutes)


Using Reading Rainbow in the Classroom
This workshop gives an in-depth look at Reading Rainbow and the wide range of subject areas that can be addressed with this program. Teachers will view sample clips, receive information on incorporating the program into their existing curriculum and will become familiar with educational resources available on the Reading Rainbow web site. They will also be encouraged to participate in WCTE's Young Writers and Illustrators Contest held each Spring.
(60-90 minutes)


Using Between the Lions in the Classroom
This workshop provides information on one of the newest PBS programs, Between the Lions. This program is geared towards children ages 4-7 and has the mission of helping young children learn to read. Teachers who attend this workshop will view sample clips of the program, receive a copy of the Between the Lions Teacher's Guide and will become familiar with additional resources available on the companion web site.
(60-90 minutes)

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