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Featured Local Breweries

Cookeville, TN

Red Silo Brewing

Cookeville's first brewery located in the historical West Side of Cookeville! We produce small batch beers and sodas. We have 26 Beers on tap.

Cookeville, TN

Jig Head Brewing

We craft artisan beers that represent a wide variety of styles, from crisp, refreshing lagers to intense Belgian Dark Strong Ales. Either way, we have craft beer for everyone.

Cookeville, TN

Hix Farm Brewing

The Hix Farm Brewery is a farm house style brewery that serves high quality craft beers using local ingredients.

Sparta, TN

Calfkiller Brewing

Unparalleled drink-ability paradoxically balanced by uncompromising complexity. Always dreaming of the future. But, never losing sight of the beer that is being brewed today.

sparta, tn

Happy Trails Brewing

Our mission is to provide great beer and a unique, family friendly atmosphere that showcases great music and the beauty of Sparta and the surrounding area.

McMinnville, tn

Depot Bottom Brewing

We have our in house brews for anyone to enjoy in our tap rooms, as well as supplies for those that wish to make it themselves, including brewing classes.

Smithville, TN

Theoretic Ales Brewing

We are a small, wild, sour & herbal brewery with a focus on limited batch releases of things foraged and aged. There is no such thing as rare beer when every bottle is unique!

Columbia, TN

Bad Idea Brewing

Bad Idea Brewing began in 2015 as a conversation between friends over the dinner table about opening a brewery and we knew we had a name when one of our wives said “This is a bad

Nashville, TN

Yazoo Brewing

Yazoo Brewing Company started from a homebrewer’s dream – Linus Hall’s love for making craft beer soon led him to open Nashville’s first production brewery since Prohibition!

2019 Craft Brewing Vendors