First 2008 UCBC Board Meeting

2008 marks the 30th anniversary year for WCTE.  We are going to start it off in a special way with our first board meeting and annual dinner on Friday, January 18th at The Leslie Towne Center.  

January 2008

  I want to express my sincere appreciation to those of you who sent an end of the year gift and to our new members from the December membership drive. 
   Your financial support is critical during this digital transition, as well as to cover the rising costs of national and local productions.
   This spring our digital master control will be in place and we’ll be broadcasting one analog signal, two standard digital signals and a 24/7 high definition signal featuring PBS prime time series.

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WCTE depends upon the support of our membership to produce and broadcast quality programming like this. Please help us continue this 30+ year tradition of community involvement by contributing to WCTE today.

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