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The Awards invites teachers across the country to show us how they are innovating in the classroom by submitting a video or image and sharing why they think they are innovative educators. 50 educators will be selected as Innovators—10 of which will win a trip to the PBS Annual Meeting in Austin, TX.
The PBS Teachers Innovation Awards will launch on January 25, 2010 and run through March 12, 2010. Stations who are interested in promoting the Awards should plan to begin promotional efforts on January 27, 2010.
Beyond the Awards, the Innovators will be enlisted to partner with PBS and local stations to encourage the use of public digital media in classrooms across the country.

On February 1, 2010, WCTE is launching the PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest, a national competition designed to promote the advancement of children’s reading skills through hands-on, active learning.

Live Green & Teach It!

Coming Soon.
Online training and materials for Teachers to bring some Green into the classroom.

Why Join PBS Teachers?
Thousands of teachers who use digital media to engage students have joined PBS Teachers to share ideas, experiences and innovations on using digital resources, including content from PBS, to teach.

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Edmodo: A Great (and Interesting) New Opportunity

By Janet English Long summer months: warm days, cool evenings, and a craving for new and valuable experiences. I'm busy with chores, I've adopted a new dog, and I'm planning my curriculum for next year.  I’m desperately trying to get a handle on balancing the curriculum, state tests, the use of technology, and still put the learning needs of my  students first.  Are you struggling, as well?  Is it possible to satisfy all requirements? My brother works for Facebook.  I know the...

A Masterpiece Turns 40

by Donelle Blubaugh Next year, the drama series, MASTERPIECE, will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. The series is dear to the hearts of many language arts and literature teachers. The beautiful productions often help pave the way for students who may not otherwise connect to classic literature and they provide educators with new ways of interpreting and presenting beloved favorites. We would love to hear stories about how educators have integrated MASTERPIECE programs, teaching guides,...

“The Legendary Battle Between Ice Cream and Dogs”

By Janet English “Where ARE you?  Why aren't you home from school?” The mother yelled at her son because it was late and he hadn't come home from school.  She was rightfully concerned. When he was later awarded the Grand Prize at the California Student Media Festival, she probably felt better for keeping his dinner warm. That was in years past when I was director of the California Student Media Festival. I relinquished that directorship when I returned to teaching and then became...

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