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*This Event Was Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather - Please Stay Tuned for a New Date/Time

Free Screening at the Putnam County Library of the new PBS Kids show, Work it Out Wombats - Date TBD!  Work It Out Wombats!, a new animated series for kids ages 3-6 produced by GBH Kids and Pipeline Studios, starring a playful trio of marsupial siblings — Malik, Zadie and Zeke — who live with their grandmother, Super, in their treehouse apartment complex. The series will introduce computational thinking concepts that will help young viewers solve meaningful problems, learn flexible thinking and how to express themselves — all while using the practices and processes at the core of computer science. The new series will debut on PBS KIDS February 6, 2023.

We will have fun Wombats sticker activity sheets to give away, along with other PBS Kids goodies.  We hope to see you there!

Work It Out Wombats! Theme Song
Rating: TV-Y

Follow the adventures of Malik, Zadie and Zeke in their fantastically fun Treeborhood.