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Steve Boots' Story

As a financial planner, I’m always thinking into the future. When I think about those kids [we impacted] 25 years ago who are grown now, that opened up an opportunity for them to see the world that they may not have had a chance to see. So, when you think into the future about how you might make a difference, a legacy gift to WCTE, I think, is a fine thing to consider.

Candy Thomas' Story

Once I decided to donate my late husband's car, WCTE came to mind. My husband and I were donors for a number of years and I intend to continue that. I’m just so proud that “little old” Cookeville has it’s own PBS station.

The Rusts' Story

We also believe that investing in education and our community is critical. And PBS is all about education and positive programming for all ages. WCTE is a big part of that for us. We’ve included them in our planned giving and really hope that all the viewers out there will join us in supporting our PBS station today and in the future.