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WCTE's Haunted Half Marathon

Relay Teams' Information

Get your friends together and run as a relay team! Teams are made up of three people with each team member running an equal distance. 

The virtual relay allows teams to run together. Each member will run an equal distance and log their time either manually or with the It's Your Race App. Times will be entered individually, and It's Your Race will combine the times for one over all Relay Team Time. 

Here's some additional information for relay teams: 

The approximate relay leg distances are as follows:

• Leg 1 - 4 miles

• Leg 2 - 4.7 miles

• Leg 3 – 4.4 miles

Each relay team member will have a chipped bib to wear.Each team will also be given a slap bracelet at packet pick up. This bracelet will be passed on from one runner to the next and handed in at the finish. Relay exchange stations will be marked with a sign and tent, on the right side of the road. 

The first exchange station, between legs one and two, will be near the entrance to the Averitt Express fitness center at 1415 Neal Street (mile marker 4) . The exchange station between legs two and three will be at the corner of Shag Rag Road and Chocolate Drive, at approx mile 8.7. At each station the runner who has just completed his or her leg will need to pass off the slap bracelet to the runner who is beginning the next leg. Exchange stations will be staffed with volunteers, water, and porta potties will be available.

Runners for legs two and three will need to arrange their own transportation to the relay exchange stations, as will runners for legs one and two back to the finish line. Parking is available at Averitt Express for exchange one and at the old Russell Stover’s or the Genco parking lot for exchange two.

We suggest the runner who will be starting the next leg drive a car to the relay exchange station, and the runner who has just completed the leg drive the car back to the finish line. It is also possible to drive from the first exchange site to the second without being on the course route, if you want to do it with one car. Remember roads are not fully closed, so please be mindful of runners on the course.

There is a course map on the race website for you to get familiar with.

GPS addresses to enter for the exchange sites are Averitt Fitness Center, 1415 Neal Street; and Genco Stamping and Mfg. Company, 2001 Genco Drive.

Have a great race!