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Run the Cumberland
WCTE's Haunted Half Marathon

Run the Cumberland is a partnership among established races held in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee which raise funds for charitable causes. The goal of Run the Cumberland is to encourage residents to improve health by being active and attending running events in our area. Run the Cumberland begins on July 1st and ends on the following June 20th.

To receive a Run the Cumberland medal, participants must complete any four of the below races within the annual time period.


A special variation of the Run the Cumberlands Medal will be given to any participate who completes at least four races, including at least one Half or Full Marathon (non-relay).

Time to pick-up your Run the Cumberland medal! 

You have earned it! It's time to pick up your medal! If you're not sure you qualify, check off these steps! 

1. Completed any four of the races within the annual time, July 2021 - June 2022

2.  Email with race participation details

3. Pick Up your medals 8:30 am – 4:30 pm M-F at 127 N Oak Ave Suite C (CRMC Foundation Office) any time in July. If you are unable to come by in July, then your medal will be mailed to you if you provide an address.